As a student erolled at Bonn University, you have free access to Sciebo, an online data storage service designed specifically for universities. You can login there with your Uni-ID and receive 30GB disk space. Your data is stored on servers located in North Rhine-Westphalia.

File Service Infrastructure (FSI)

Additionally, your Uni-ID gives you access to 10GB disk space on the university’s own servers. Use the script that can be found on any of the university’s PCs to access your data. If you’re working from home, you can use an FTP to connect with the university’s servers, as explained here.

Eduroam (WiFi)

You can use the eduroam network to connect to the internet using your Uni-ID. Eduroam is a WiFi network that is available not only in almost all of the university’s institutes, but also in many other universities around the world.

Manually logging in to this network is possible, though very complicated, which is why we recommend you use this installation tool. If you don’t want to have additional programs on your computer, everything you need to know for manual network configuration can be found here.


With the required toolboxes, Matlab costs you about 82€ in the student version (tax is not included in the prices on the website). There’s also a free open source alternative, Octave.

You can find helpful screencasts on the website of Hannover University.

Microsoft Office

You don’t really need to have Microsoft Office, but we don’t want to keep these screencasts from your eyes.


Especially in higher semesters, when you start writing long texts with a lot of formulas, we recommend using Latex rather than Microsoft Word or similar software.


If you want to install Latex, the first step is to install MiKTeX. You should choose the net-installer because it includes all Latex packages. Since there are quite a lot of packages, the installation might take some time, dependant on your internet connection’s speed.

After you’ve installed MiKTeX, install a latex editor in which you’re going to write your code. Common ones are Texmaker or Texniccenter.

Tutorials on how you can use Latex can be found on the internet, like for example on the website of TU Graz.

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