About us

Who is the “Fachschaft”?

  • All students of one particular subject. So you’re part of the Fachschaft too!
  • Usually, however, the ones who are active in student council are meant.
  • We are meeting every wednesday at 6pm in our room. New faces are always welcome!
  • During semester, you can also find us in our room every day during our opening hours (and outside of these sometimes as well).

What are we doing?

  • We represent the student’s interests in many councils and committees.
  • We are offering various services, such as for example:
    • Answering questions about your studies
    • Offering coffee and cold beverages
    • Distribution of old exams (for preparation)
  • We are organizing many different events:
    • New student’s welcoming on their first day
    • First semesters’ trip
    • Quite a bunch of parties
    • Football tournaments
    • Christmas celebrations