The first weeks

What do I have to do in the first few weeks?


In difference to most other degree courses, studying B.Sc. Geodesy and Geoinformation, you don’t have to assemble your own timetable in the first semester. You’ll either find it here on this page, at your enrollment or at your first day of lecture.

Registration for courses

You’ll be explained how to register for courses and exams on Basis in your first weeks. Also, you’ll be divided into groups for exercises in the first weeks (which is therefore not possible before the start of semester).

Application for bachelor examination

If you haven’t already applicated for your bachelor examination at your enrollment, you can still do this in your first week.

You applicate by filling in a form that can be found in room 212 (Nußallee 17). You’ll have to hand it in alongside your CV and a passport photograph.

eCampus, WiFi

Following your enrollment, you’ll be sent a letter in which you’ll find your student ID, as well as your “Uni-ID” with the corresponding password. The Uni-ID you can use for logging in to eCampus, where you’ll find most lecture scripts. eCampus is also the place where you’ll have to hand in most your homework, so you should activate your Uni-ID here once you receive it.

If you want WiFi on your Notebook, your Phone or your Tablet, you can use this installation tool to connect to the university’s eduroam WiFi network using your Uni-Id and your password.


You can get yourself a library ID if you wish to do so.


In order to eat at the Mensa (canteen), you’ll need to get a so-called Mensa-Card for payment. You can get one in the cafeteria of the Mensa for a deposit of €5. If you charge your card at the automats, you’ll get 3% on top if you use €10 notes (or larger).

Where am I, and where do I have to go?

How to find the University

The Institute for Geodesy and Geoinformation (IGG) is not located at the University’s main building in Bonn city centre, but in Bonn-Poppelsdorf, Nußallee 17, about a kilometer away.

From Central Station, you get there most easily taking the bus lines 604, 605, 606 or 607, which depart from platform E at the central bus station. Get off at Kaufmannstraße. From there, go 50 metres back and you’ll stand right at the Nußallee, where most buildings are, crossing the Kaufmannstraße.

Using mass transit

With your student ID, you can use all buses, trams and subways, as well as local and regional trains, in North Rhine-Westphalia for free. Just make sure it is valid for the current semester (winter semester: October 1st – March 31st; summer semester: April 1st – September 30th) and keep in mind that it is only valid if combined with an official identity card.

There are few exceptions to this rule, most notably:

  • bus line SB60 (Cologne/Bonn Airport – Bonn Central Station)
  • long distance buses (“Flixbus”)
  • long distance trains (“EC”, “IC”, “ICE”)

Important buildings in first semester

  • IGG (Institute for Geodesy and Geoinformation), Nußallee 17.
  • IKG (Institute for Cartography and Geoinformation), Meckenheimer Allee 172. There’s an entrance, left of the building Nußallee 1, behind the small bridge over the drive, on the left-hand side.
  • Wolfgang-Paul-Hörsaal, Kreuzbergweg 28.