Please note: all information found on this page is only valid if you are enrolling for BSc Geodesy and Geoinformation and you have got a university entrance qualification from an EU member state!

How-to: enroll for Geodesy and Geoinformation at Bonn University

Prior to enrollment, you have to registrate yourself on the university’s website (Details here). After you’ve done that, you’ll have to print out the form you’ll receive and enroll yourself at the registrar’s office.

Since Geodesy is free from admission restriction and is a part of the Agricultural Faculty, the dates and deadlines for enrolling can be found under point “Zulassungsfreie Fächer – alle anderen Fakultäten“. If you are not able to come to the registrar’s office in person at the dates found there, you’ll have to authorize another person for you to do this. An authorization form can be found here.

When enrolling yourself, here’s a checklist on things you need to bring to the registrar’s office:

  • The printout of the form you filled in upon registration
  • Your university entrance qualification (bring the original – no copies allowed!)
  • ID card or passport
  • Proof of health insurance coverage (chip card is not sufficient!)
  • If you have not received your university entrance qualification on a german-speaking school: proof of German proficiency (DSH)

After you’ve made your visit to the registrar’s office, you will get a pre-printed transaction form for paying your social contribution (approx. 300€). Once you’ve payed it, you will soon receive a letter welcoming you as a student at Bonn University!

Application for admission to bachelor’s exam

Once you’re immatriculated, you’ll have to apply for admission to bachelor’s exam. You are only allowed to take any exams once you’ve done that, so we strongly recommend you do this right after enrollment.

The form for applying can be found in room 212 (1st floor) at the Institute for Geodesy and Geoinformation (Nußallee 17). You’ll also need to provide a CV with a passport photo and show your university entrance qualification.

Visit us!

After all this enrolling and applying, we would be happy if you visit us in our room (left of the Institute’s Entrance)! We’ll answer all the questions you might still have, provide you with coffee and cookies, and maybe you already want to register for our first semesters’ trip.

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